me:applied professional coaching for extraordinary results.

Bring on the coaching, bring on the positive change.

Me:applied is designed to pinpoint your professional and organizational goals and so they become a reality at scale through various coaching programs.

We keep it really personal, really constructive, and really rewarding. Really.

Our programs are designed to bring better productivity and results to everyday work-life. We deliver coaching programs that are individualized and aligned to real-life desired outcomes so that people and companies flourish.

For the love of cohorts.

Whenever possible, cohort-style groups work collectively through a shared topic. Participants benefit from a coaching relationship and build a strong bond with their Cohort. Organizations benefit from the scale of a group dynamic by reaching a greater number of employees more cost effectively.

Group coaching themes include: managers of managers, new managers, role transitions, professional growth, strategic-thinking mindset, HiPOs, and more.

Power your culture change.  

We believe in order to create a culture of coaching, you need leaders to actually be good coaches. For them to be good coaches, they need the coaching skills and supervised support in applying those skills at work. We've built the Managers Who Coach - Coaching Mastery for Leaders Program exactly for this reason.

A coaching culture can be activated through structured group coaching sessions, coaching skills programs, retreats, and one-on-one coaching. Professionals like you will experience a richer career, better relationships and improved business performance by working with us, some of the industry’s finest certified coaches.

Customized and private coaching programs available.

In addition to our public coaching programs, we offer private custom coaching packages, group training, and retreats for companies and organizations, just ask. Our coaching extends to all levels of seniority and across any department and industry. We're based in NY and can cater to nearly any location. 

Our coaching topics span:

professional growth | managers who coach - coaching mastery for leaders 

leadership savvy | role transition | emotional regulation

strategic-thinking mindset | team management | informed risk-taking

 We help departments and functions including: 

managers of managers | sales | CXO | product development | marketing & PR | finance |

customer relations | engineering | HR | legal | customer success

Industries and markets: 

startups | mid-market | emerging enterprise | enterprise

Locations served

New York  | San Francisco | Chicago | Boston | Denver |  Sao Paolo | London | nearly anywhere

We deliver accessible and powerful coaching for real results.



We cover group coaching topics like effective leadership, strategic mindset, new managers, and work/life balance.

Our clients who attended the Motivated Marketers' Professional Growth Series found lots of value in working with our coaches and with their marketing group cohort. They applied the me:applied model to perpetuate their career growth into action with our three phased process of awareness, planning, and execution.

Groups are kept at a 6:1 ratio so interaction is intimate and individualized.


Coaching waves and ONE-ON-ONE COACHING

In private coaching sessions, individuals work with a professional coach who will act their think partner to overcome obstacles and focus on their abundant possibilities. 

Private one-on-one coaching programs are available from the individual contributor level up to senior leadership.

Programs range from 3 months to one year depending on the type of development and goals of the individual.

Virtual and in-person sessions are available. 



We think a coaching culture at work starts with your leaders. They have the power to be even better managers, peers, and performers by applying a coaching mindset. 

Most managers have never been empowered to be a managerial coach, which is an essential part of a leadership toolkit.

Our Managers Who Coach programs span from shorter modules, like giving and receiving feedback to a broader Managers Who Coach - Coaching Mastery for Leaders.

Join the free Friday Fishbowl Series for Leaders live video series to get a taste of how leaders learn coaching skills.